Common Sense for Delusional Entrepreneurs

Here’s some insightful tips from Guy Kawasaki on tricking angels, VCs to cough up the moolah for our next dogfood-conquers-the-world enterprise.

8 Tips on Lasso-ing Angels and Clipping their Wings to give you money

10 Tips on How to Seduce Entrepreneurs

And here’s something I should pin up on my bathroom mirror every morning to remind myself what not to be. I recommend these Top Lies of Entrepreneurs to any fellow billionaire wannabe so we snap out of our wildest nightime dreams and ground ourselves to humility and reality.

For those of us in mind-numbing jobs and contemplating a job switch, try the GBAT test, by clicking on the Bozos above. Its also the Guy-Kawasaki Bozofication Aptitude Test. Have some humor in your factory-drone job and maybe you will think clearer after the test. (psssstt… change your job if you have a high score)


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