FireFox — The REAL Thing!


Thanks to this blog.


5 thoughts on “FireFox — The REAL Thing!

  1. yeap, i know vinod from nus, n i stayed w jon when i was in sf 2 weeks back durin e midterm break. ur in e nus program vinod’s in? by e way, u write really well. will be back for more. 🙂

  2. hey,wait a sec, u live w vinod yea?

  3. haha, thanks for coming back, nope dun live with vinod =)

  4. but yeah, i was in the same program as vinod, just came back to spore in jan this yr.

  5. come u came back?

  6. i finished my program there, even extended an additional 6 months more than the usual one-year program. you can add me on msn at

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