The 911 Lie: How much do you trust the official story from the Bush Administration?

Pretty much, since most of us read the 911 news without suspicious minds and took it at face value. With deeper thought by the “Loose Change” video producers and choice evidence showcased in this clip, I have reason to believe there’s a deeper story that’s hidden from the world. So ugly this story might be that, maybe that’s one reason so many people choose to shy away from reality. (Are you feeling too comfortable in your sanitized, pre-fabricated world?)
No observable evidence of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon? A Flight 93 that smashed into Philadelphia with no detection of bodies by coroners? What about the collapse of the World Trade Towers that went down like detonated demolition projects? Not to mention the evidence of pre-collapse explosions within the World Trade Towers from eyewitness accounts, visual evidence? What about the mysterious put options placed on the stocks of the airlines involved in these terrorist attacks? How did flight passengers even text message or send calls from planes flying in the skies to their families?

So many questions, so few answers. I am not saying I totally believe this video clip. What I do believe is that we have to keep searching for the truth because it ain’t coming from the current Bush Administration. A War on Terror? I am sceptical. The real terror we should be afraid of is deceit from one’s own political leaders.

Watch the video here.


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