Tracking Web 2.0 in Southeast Asia

Digg/ reddit clone found! Check out MySpy

According to the description:

SpyMy is an aggregator of news and stories you want to read, created specially for the South East Asia region. SpyMy allows users to decide what to and what not to publish. Take charge now, Spy your favourite story or submit a story that you’ve Spyed.
The interface is identical to Digg althought the color scheme is terrible. Thats a damn easy fix though. It will be curious to find out how long the “self-confessed” geek-creator took to build this and when he actually launched it. Its suffering from a chronic lack of users currently probably due to lack of marketing awareness but we shuld at least applaud the guy for making an effort at advancing the current poor state of web-based service innovation in Southeast Asia. I will be glad if he is actually from Singapore as well as he will further shatter my theory (i gladly oblige!) of atrocious Web 2.0 innovation in my home country.


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