TechCrunch 5 Podcasted

I was kicking myself the other day since i had missed out on what could be one of the most fabulous events this month — the Techcrunch 5 party. I had attended the previous 2 parties and they were amazing opportuntiies to find out what everyone else was up to and the new opportunities available in the Web 2.0 space. At this party, the book “Naked Conversations”, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, was being launched in Atherton, CA and I am stuck in Singapore.

Hence, I was delighted to find a podcast from my favourite podcaster Podtech. John Furrier promises a series of podcasts from the event. The first one can be found here.

Sounds like a bubble is forming. At least people today are aware of the bubble-esque climate of Web 2.0, but I can’t help noticing that few people were able to properly explain Web 2.0 outside of the cliched “wikipedia-ish” definitions. More worryingly, few could relate Web 2.0 to innovative and non-incremental commercial applications.


One thought on “TechCrunch 5 Podcasted

  1. Thanks lets keep that question alive so that we can evolve web 2.0

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