Lil’ Singapore Tops Technorati Again

Following in the “illustrious” footsteps paved by Dawn Yeo, Daphne Teo et al, another Singaporean makes waves on the blogosphere and another web celebrity is born. Tammy (Technorati alias: tammy nyp), a local student, is allegedly a victim of a revenge act by a jealous bitch who seems to take delirious delight in posting videos of her nemesis in various compromising sex acts and circulating them widely on the web.

On a personal level as a Singaporean, i am bemused by the elevation of Singaporeans to top billing on the blogosphere. Seriously, we have never had it so good and gained such prominence on the web in spite our dearth of web innovations. Perhaps its time to start marketing my nation’s notoriety and start milking this fame for myself.. lol Singaporeans will have a hard time digesting another snippet of such sexual promiscuity publicly displayed on the WWW.

I have a hunch that the news-starved local newspapers and tabloids will be debating this issue for weeks to come amidst outcries from some social circles and prompt some government action that might end up as a backlash against the nascent blogging community here. Its just not too long ago that racial insensitivities of certain ignorant bloggers came to light and resulted in criminal and legal recourse. “Tammygate” will throw the Singaporean blogosphere back into the limelight and public scrutiny again. I look forward to that, it will be a test of the government’s appetite for free speech (on the web) and a test of our democracy. Hell, it might be better than the upcoming elections!

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