Guns, Alcohol and Murder (Almost) –Dick Cheney Hunting Chronicles 2006

Truly, these Republicans sure know how to stir shit up, they are done shooting them up in Afghanistan and Iraq, almost complete racking up huge debts on the National Treasury to pay for their extravagant armies, and now with not much spare cash for another war, Dick Cheney, resident hawk in the Administration, couldn’t bear the lull and decided to shoot his friend. lolz…

This one was quirkily funny. He mistakes a human for quail. Jon Stewart got all the comdeic elements of this covered though…

I love the reference in the video by Rob Corddry of the similarities in the hunting misfire incident to the Admin’s policies on terrorism. These guys always take aim and shoot at the wrong target. Afghanistan was fine, Iraq? hallo?? anyone still rem where the WMDs are?

Another gem in a line of comedic drama to come from the greatest country’s government on Earth. These guys are on a roll, and just can’t stop being making fools out of themselves.

In a new peek into the weekend hunting activities of Dick, he mistakes his hunting buddy for a quail. Apparently, he drank beer too before his hunting trip. No big deal, just a small fact that this guy just had multiple heart operations before.

PR Disaster

So it seems that the communications strategy for this mishap took 18 hrs or more before the press and world media were properly let in on the details. Read more on the media clampdown here. Why, you might ask, for all the fancy gadgetry and well-oiled PR machinery of the White House, they had to take such a long time to reveal details of this incident that happened to the 2nd most powerful person in America? Did they have somethign to hide there? Huffington Post has a theory that since beer takes time to cleanse from the human system, the long time delay was quick thinking by the Veep’s men on damage control to avoid embarrassing tests.

Lets also not ignore the fact the Vice-President actually thought it appropriate for Katharine Armstrong, a private citizen and also a ranchowner of the hunting ground, to be the first person to break the news to a local paper.

Found this off another blog:

Hunting party included Vice President + U.S. ambassador to Switzerland + American lobbyist for vaccine company in Switzerland + big fat Republican lawyer, and took place on the ranch of the American lobbyist for the vaccine company in Switzerland who also happens to be a huge Republican contributor.

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