Some iPods with your Slurpees?

Are they trying too hard? Apple has apparently thought it to be a good decision to sell iPods in 7-11 convenience store. Exclusively only in Japan for now, it seems.

I don’t know much about Japanese 7-11 stores, but its sounds like a great diminishment of the Apple brand for iPods to be placed next to candy.Have iPods started becoming a commodity? Lets start selling them in gas stations across those freeways, maybe its high time truckers start getting cool and wear those white earphones…

Here’s more from a commenter on Digg, where i found this news from. Apparently, iPods have been sold in Japanese 7-11s since last year.

I currently live and work in Japan and can cofirm that the boxes are empty. Also the iPod + iPod Display has a message that mentions that you bring the empty boxes up to the counter so that they can scan the price and then they’ll hand you the Actual “Well Designed” Apple Package with the item you have purchased. About the cash issue, it is popular for Japanese to carry large sums of money on them due to the low crime rate but this is increasingly being replaced the EDDY system, which allows you to wave your Cell Phone over an Electronic Plate, which automatically treats your Electronic Cell Phone Wallet like a Debit Card. It’s really cool living in a country that actually has all this technology actually being used instead of just being showcased at shows as Prototypes…. posted by CLIFFosakaJAPAN (150)


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