More on the “Real” Video iPod

Just read that Apple will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this coming April 1st and might find it opportune to launch some new products too. Rumor has it that it could be a new iBook so that it makes it in time for the May K-12 school-buying season or a full-screen video iPod.

I wouldn’t have paid much attention to such speculatio except for this comment:

In addition, he noted reports of Apple shutting down production of the current generation of the video-iPod.

“The other event that could signal the imminent arrival of the video iPod are reports coming out of Asia that Apple has materially reduced its orders of the iPod with video viewing capabilities that it introduced last October. One hypothesis is that sales of this model have fallen below Apple’s previous expectations for he quarter. An equally plausible hypothesis is that Apple is draining inventories of the iPod from the distribution channel in advance of its introduction of the new model.”

Wtf. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought that 1G video iPod last December. It doesn’t pay to be a first-mover in Apple’s Universe.


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