ScreenHead — The Web’s Answer to Comedy Central?

Another blog from Gawker Media – the guys who gave us Gizmodo, Wonkette, ValleyWag and are competing head to head with WeblogsInc (WBI) for domination of the web-publishing sector. Personally, I like the philosophy and see immense potential for such a blog network to disrupt the offline magazine publising sector. Reader-attention/ eyeballs are shifting from offline to the web without a corresponding shift in terms of advertising dollars. That is bound to happen as companies like WBI and Gawker improve content and develop a model that harness the advantages of web-mased media presentation platforms such as and to present an interactive media-reading experience for their audience.

I still remember talking to a friend from Columbia during my time in Berkeley attending the PlayConference last year. He flew from the East Coast, (says he came specfically for this event but i didn’t really buy that) and simply loved the fact there was so much disruptive innovation for web and media startups in the Bay Area. He wanted to create his own Next-Generation Movie Studio creating straight-to-internet video content leveraging on lowered movie-making gadgetry and advanced software that made editing and producing much cheaper. How he intends to find the acting talent to do so at shoestring budgets remains unknown to me but it surely sounds exciting! After all, magazines can never carry more than photos and text but on the web, u can carry much more than that and deliver a whole new experience.

Localizing that, how can I create my own web media publishing enterprise? I believe the market here is under-developed for this new content publishing model. But the money is there and advertisers around the world are always looking for bang in their buck. As awareness, understanding and recognition of such new marketing channels take off, I must ensure I am ready to ride this wave/ tsunami when it comes. Are you a content creator, budding movie-maker or have i struck a chord with your brainwaves? Drop me a mail at if you concur with my thoughts. =)

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3 thoughts on “ScreenHead — The Web’s Answer to Comedy Central?

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