Blogging Pharma from Singapore

Thought I should give a shout-out on the blogosphere to my NUS dorm buddy Bronson. Bronson’s a final-year NUS Pharmacy student who’s patiently put up with so much of my evangelizing abotu Web 2.0 that he’s fearing for the loss of his pharmaceutical heritage. hence, he took action decided to do something very Web 2.0 about it — blogging. Pharmer was started 2 days ago and Bronson will be blogging about the pharmaceutical industry from a Singaporean perspective.

For the uninitiated, the Singapore government is making a big push into the life sciences, biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors, aiming to make Singapore the Asia-Pacific hub for research and business in this fast-growing industries by investing heavily in human talent, physical infrastructure and fostering closer collaboration between academia and industry.

Bronson will be aggregating a group of people with similar interests to blog about the industry. Lets support him on this endeavor!


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