The REAL Video iPod?

Apple always launches significant changes to its iPod offering every year. Now that we are past the 2005 hype of the “video-or-not” iPod evolution, 2006 is no different as the marketing guys start building market buzz on what they “may” release this 2006 holiday season for the 6G iPod.

Here’s a teaser:

Yup, a full-screen display that is controlled by multi-digit/(finger) touchpad interface. Think of a tablet PC with touchscreen controls by the user and apply that to the iPod. I own a video iPod myself and yes, although the screen is 2.5 inches small, i can live with it, but I will kick myself if they launch a souped-up iPod with 3.5 inch full-screen video capabilities this year. Just exactly when will the Mp3 player stop innovating so i have the best digital device out there to watch videos and listen to music? lolz.. Great innovation fuels even greater revenue models, some part of me wishes they keep doing this forever... hhaha (but please hire me!)

Digg has been raving the past weeks about the new multi-digit-touchscreen-control patent Apple submitted to the authorities. TIME OUT: For engineers, more info can be found here on the actual patent application. In addition, Apple also submitted a patent for the Apple Tablet Mac that was reported in August 2005 here. You can sort of see how the innovations sequentially build up to a 6G iPod that has full-screen video.

Otherwise: here's a simpler demonstration of how you use the 6G iPod.

In stores X'mas 2006? I wun bet my money on it NOT happening...

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