Great Article on India vs China

The tortoise vs the hare:

Here’s my favourite line that probably summed it up:

that China’s growth is coming via flashy financing (foreign direct investment, the equivalent of VC financing at a startup) while India’s is coming through organic, sustainable growth (the equivalent of revenues).

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10 thoughts on “Great Article on India vs China

  1. Hahaha. You are a fool to believe that quote. First, China’s FDI is a reflection of its mature and functioning infrastructure, something that India lacks, which explains India’s lack of FDI. Second, high FDI also shows that China has a larger AVAILABLE skilled labor pool than India. India’s public education is much worse than China’s. More than 50% of Indian women are ILLITERATE, compared to China’s 89% female literacy. Third, much of India’s growth the past 2 years have been in rural agricultural productivity, not in industry nor services. This is not a good thing.

    China’s growth comes from its excellent infrastructure and public education system, not from FDI. FDI is merely a symptom of what it is doing right. India is not the tortoise, it’s the arrogant sloth.

  2. Good to hear contrarian opinions that improve my understanding. Keep them coming. Anyway, where did you get your figures?

  3. santosh get a life and find out about micro and macro economics, till then you should shut up because your statstics are all wrong, next time do your research before you try to act smart.

  4. Sammy get a life and go back take ECON 101. People say India is better despite the facts because they are jealous and afraid of China so they use a weakling to insult China.

  5. yummy, we are not sacred of china – (why should we be, we are more than capable of doing anything china could and more – u are so neive and stupid to claim this)! ITS OUR POLITICIANS WE ARE SCARED OFF – they are the ones that prevents india’s potential…….

  6. untill we improve our education ststem we wont be ever abel to catch china

  7. now india is in growing age as waii as china so it is wright time to impro and show all the world that we are bater than china

  8. India is way beta than china n it could easly overtake china its just the bloody currupt politicians(not all jst some)!!!!

  9. preety much all the stats lead to china being way ahead of india. i will take some thing special for india to match least overtake china.

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