Brutal Consequences for Cracking the Great Firewall of China

Falungong, an outlawed political-spiritual organization outlawed in China, has resorted to high-tech means to spreading its philosophies in CHina via the Internet. Forbes reports more on how the chief tech specialist was bound, gagged and assaulted in his home in Georgia by Asian men.

“NEW YORK – Peter Yuan Li–a key figure in the Falun Gong’s technologically sophisticated attempt to undermine the Chinese Communist Party–was brutally attacked and beaten in his home in Duluth, Ga., as Forbes was going to press with its cover story on how the spiritual movement is penetrating the Chinese government’s hi-tech censorship. At 11:15 A.M. on Feb. 8, according to the Fulton County Police Department Incident Report, Asian men stormed the house of the Princeton-educated information technology technician, bound and gagged and beat him, before fleeing with two 16-inch Sony laptop computers, Li’s wallet and yet unknown material from his files.”

It appears this Firewall really mirrors what the real Great Wall of China was intended to do — fend off foreign invaders that endanger CHinese territorial (in this case, virtual) interests. There’s a price to pay for subverting the Chinese government and US-owned search engines such as Google should do well to toe the line if they want to survive in this walled garden. But will Google hence be deemed as “committing evil” and becoming fait accompli in the CHinese government’s clampdown on civil liberties and right to free speech? I think so, and with more of such articles that demonstrate the backlash against individuals/ organizations who attempt to crack the “Digital Iron Curtain” of China, even if they are not sponsored by the Chinese government, Google’s “Do No Evil” rhetoric will wear thin. As akin to what has happened in the wake of Google stock falling back from stratospheric numbers to more decent numbers…. Ahhhh… how the mighty always succumb to reality…


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