The Sad State of the Internet Sector in Singapore

It is depressing sometimes to be reminded how backwards Singapore is compared to Silicon Valley in terms of our awareness and innovation in the Web2.0 space. There are almost no Web 2.0 startups, it seems in Singapore, nor are they many pple who even know what Web 2.0 means. I have become numbed to blank looks from many of my fellow S’poreans.

Web 2.0 may be a fluffy concept hard to be understood by the uninitiated, and there are many others who have explained this better than I do, such as Don Hinchcliffe, Bill Graham, Scoble, Arrington, Schwartz, whatever, but contextually, with regards to Singapore, I will venture an explanation (critique if u want to, but applaud the effort, for i am a business student, lolz):

Web 2.0 is a conceptual re-positioning of the web from an “information repository” to a community space. It focuses on the idea that web-surfing is an activity best done in groups/ web communities. Web 2.0 incorporates innovative approaches toward web programming, user interface design and feature sets. These innovations are intended to deliver a better user experience through social-sharing features that enable users to share their web experiences with their friends, family, colleagues and the wider global internet community. Examples of such features include tagging Flickr, social bookmarking .

Many internet startups have also targeted the consumer space and integrated web 2.0 features into useful applications such as online video-viewing at Youtube, online news service such as Digg, Reddit, peer-to-peer financial management, Billmonk, music-recommendation service (amazing! highly recommend!) Pandora, online document collaboration ( i never fail to amaze anyone i recommend what this svc can do, click on it, u r missing out!) Writely among others. For more examples on Web2.0 startups, visit Mike Arrington’s amazing Techcrunch, a blog that tracks and profiles all exciting Web2.0 startups in this world that have come across his attention.

As I lament on the sad state of Web 2.0 in Singapore, I decided to do something about it. Hence, after much discussion with Justin and Billy, and with the kind help rendered by our friend from Silicon Valley who founded the Entrepreneur27 network, Noah Kagan, we have launched what we believe to be the first Web 2.0 community meetup in Singapore — Entrepreneur 27 Singapore.

E27 SG, for short, will focus on the convergence of youth entrepreneurship and Web 2.0 internet technology within Singapore. We hope to promote awareness of Web2.0 among web developers within Singapore, through greater interaction with Web2.0-savvy individuals, startups, corporations, in an effort to put our nation at the forefront of this next wave of internet Revolution that will inherently impact our social evolution. E27 SG is intended to be a community-powered, collaboratively-organized event that will tap on the vibrant energies of our young, web-and-mobile-savvy generation and hopefully contribute to the emergence of successful enterprises out of our lil’ island Singapore. I truly believe Singapore is well-positioned to take advantage of our nation’s connectivity to the digital world and I will be testing the government’s (particulary the Media Development Authority and People Association) resolve over the next week as i attempt to get funding for this project.

In the mean time, for more information and to RSVP for our inaugural E27 SG event, click on this wiki.

For more information on what Noah Kagan’s Entrepreneur27 network is about, click here.

E27 SG does not have a website here, but dun worry, we are pushing to get it rolled out ASAP!


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