Found: Singapore Web 2.0 Community

Update: If you came here via Google searches for “Singapore web 2.0″& “web 2.0 Singapore”, I have a moral responsibility to direct you to better resources via Entrepreneur27 (E27), The Digital Movement (TDM) and this man.”

In a correction to my previous blog: (which proves I should do some research first before i write off the top of my head next time, and also how valuable Google is)

here is a simple search result of the miniscule Web 2.0 community so far thrown up by Google.


* Nick Pan
* Kevin
* Adrian Lee (Adrian started up on Feb 9, 2006 to form an internet marketing company specializing in SEO, something like what i wanted to do last time, except this guy, before Feb 9, was the MSN Head of Marketing in Singapore =D )
* Yanime – who built this

* Bezurk – a travel search engine
* PetValley (hopefully a competitor, proudly started by my friend and ex-colleague from NOC Silicon Valley, Sheryl Chen)

Still searching for more to compile a Web 2.0 Singapore directory… Back to Google…


4 thoughts on “Found: Singapore Web 2.0 Community

  1. Thanks for plugging my blog… I’m building web 2.0 resources and you’d might be especially interested in the recent Intro to Web 2.0 presentation I gave at the University at buffalo (SUNY).

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Prakash and I am one of the founders of Yolk.
    We are a 4 year old Interactive Design Agency based in Singapore.
    Some of the clients that we have proudly served includes Citibank, M1, APB and Signpost. We are currently in various stages of developing Web 2.0 based ideas. We will be unveiling them hopefully in the later part of the year.

    Do let us know if there is any way that anyone of you like minded people wuld like to collaborate. We will be happy to meet to and bounce ideas and explore how we can proceed from there.

    I will also be speaking at conference on Website and Content Management Strategies in June this year. Details can be found at
    Adrian Lee, whom you had mentioned in the earlier post will also be speaking at the same conference.

    Look forward to hearing from you then


  3. Hi, there!..0c40f6d7c28bf32c3ea661cce42342d8

  4. This is great to hear Prakash!

    We are also working on developing ideas and implementing them in forms of websites, mostly in social computing and web 2.0 applications. We have, however, developed the back-bone of a web 2.0 application and currently working on the interface and creating more incentives.

    I would be more than happy to engage in exchange of ideas.

    Thank you,
    Amir Manzour

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