911 was an immense tragedy for thousands of Americans and their families. It also marked a significant milestone in American policy, engaging in the war on terror. One direct post-911 defense mechanism implemented by the US government was the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act is intended to safeguard the national security interests of Americans. It also has a component that grants the government immense sweeping powers to access private records held by any American organization, such as your cell phone records or your Google search history records. This is a massive blow to civil libertise and privacy concerns. The recently released news that Bush had approved wiretapping of Americans under the guise of national security has promopted certain sectors to call for his impeachment. No doubt if Bush had legitimate and justifiable reasons to back his decision, the rational people will grungingly agree with such an extreme move. However, this is also the same Bush who tried without success to fool the United Natins and the world to attack Iraq, based on false intelligence that Iraq had WMDs.

I say, great credibility Bush has.

Now, he is pitting his lawyers against Google, and intends to exercise the Child Protection Act, another anti-privacy law akin to the same philosophy the Patriot Act subscribes to, to access the search records of private individuals all of whom will run the risk of having their civil liberties taken away from them by a President that has exhausted his “political capital” and is desperately trying to fulfill whatever responsibilities he has left of his job. It may be child protection this time, but this creates a precedent once the government gains access to Google search records. I fear to imagine the day Feds abuse the Patriot Act and their noble duties under the name of national security.

Read the article. I will blog more about this when i get the chance.


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