People who read my blog will know I blog sporadically and in spurts/ waves. Here I go again.

So here’s something that I have been reading regularly besides all that usual news articles I read all the time (i found a better way to capture good news articles i visit — the del.icio.us service, click here to access webpages i read and capture for posterity.

Back to the point, Noah Kagan is a friend who happens to work at Facebook, a social network I like very much amidst the Myspace-ish and Friendsterish clutter that are jamming the online social fabric of our digital, virtual generation. He happens to be churning out phenomenal ideas all the time and websites to accompany them, which all happen to fit right within my scope of interest. Check out his personal blog , his “consulting firm”, E27 network, his latest collaborative blog for (what he calls) “YoPos” (sounds Japanese, but well, this guy has an Asian girlfriend)


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