EVerything looks similar AND different at the same time.

Quite a paradoxical statement but thats what I felt in the 20 hours since i touched down. I touched down, unpacked and went to school 8 hours after I arrived. It was somewhat of an out-of-the-body experience, to some extent, as I walked around the campus full of unknown faces. I was constantly scouring the landscape for familiarity and they were few and far between. Nevertheless, I caught up with some old friends, and NOC alumni buds who were still brimming with fire and enthusiasm in their bellies. Its good to see thst some things dun change after 6 months in entrepreneurially staid Singapore.

I was chatting with Anubhav and came to a conclusion that the culture in Singapore, among NUS students, is pscyhologically draining in the entrepreneurial sense . People here are drifters, they do not have a keen sense of direction in their lives nor have real self-actualiztion needs. I qualify my statement by saying that there are passionate people out there bu these are the minority. For NOC alums returning from a Valley with entrepreneurs and wannabes in almost every strata of society espousing the virtues of entrepreneurship/ self-determination, we were surrounded by orbs of energy radiating, diffusing and positively influencing the NOC community. On the contrary, Singapore has too many “black holes”, orbs of dark matter that suck up positive energy streams and endanger the flame of entrepreneurship in all of us. The latters’ minds are not open, kinda like a Matrix blue pill-red pill moment. I saw what a real world should be, now I have difficulty readjusting back to fabricated reality in Singapore. hahaha….

I wanted to blog because of this picture I saw from this course I took on my first day back in my college. Before you stare at the pic (you might already have and I dun care, read on first), Now, this is not porn.This course I am taking is called Special Topics in Arts: Exploring Chinese Visual and Material Culture. The pic is taken from the 25 Peaces Project, a government-sponsored art project that cost taxpayers millions of dollars and was plastered on hundreds of billboards across Austria. Now, this art piece is causing multiple storms of controversy amongst the neo-cons and feminists across Europe. Look at it with an open eye and try and think what the artist was trying to convey. I assure you its worth your while and might deepen your understanding of contemporary art. At least, mine did. =)

Disclaimaer: This piece has nothing to do with Chinese art. The lecturer wanted to use something totally different to arouse our senses of pictorial perception.

For the impatient, know the meaning of this pic by clicking here


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