Its been a long while since i returned to dust the cobwebs off my blog. So much has been happening as I gear up to end my Californian adventure after 18 months. I was ending work, then headed to Tahoe for snowboarding, followed by a 5 day trip to New York CIty for New Year’s celebration, in between trying to wrap up my life here such as selling my car, packing up my junk accumulated over the past 18 months…

I just finished packing my universe of stuff collected over the year. Its amazing that I managed to consolidate them into 110 pounds of mass jammed into my Samsonite and my backpack.

This frenetic pace of life over the past fortnight has also seen me fall beind in my “quasi-religious” schedule of keeping up with the news and blogs. And it was only when I read about the “virgin” podcast of Nicolas Sarkozy, a French presidential hopeful, did I muster the motivation to return here and blog again.

I remember reading smething from Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, about the politicians of the future reorienting their ideologies, or possibly reorganizing their political parties through splinters/ mergers, along the technology and globalization trends that impact our society today. Nicolas Sarkozy kind of embodies the type of politician who is beginning to “get it” and understand that the new electorate today requires a new form of medium to reach out to them effectively. In this article , Sarkozy’s innovative approach of granting a podcast interview may or may not have endeared to a younger audience, but it definitely alerted the political spectrum,, left, right or centrist, to seek gretaer effectiveness of their communication by leveraging on Internet technology. This internet tech, could be blogs, or podcasts, or whatever other moniker or forms they will appear in future. This adoption of podcasting as a new political communication tool has granted the podcasting world legitimacy and endorsed it as a viable media outlet.

Will we see more money pumped into podcasting startups as a result??

Veering off-track, Blake Ross (of Firefox fame) speculate humorously on what to look out for in the 2006 tech world.


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