Cutting the Crap

I was just reading a new friend (Mohammad Musa)’s blog and decided to blog about something i totally agree with and understand.

“”If you find yourself talking more than walking, shut up, cut the vision in half, and launch it. You can always fill in the gaps later. In fact, you’ll know more about what gaps need to be filled after you’ve launched “half a feature” than if you tried to fill them in before launching anything.”

I think it was Newton’s First Law or some physical law i studied before (I am not an engineer, and am lazy to check wikipedia) that theorized about inertia and the significant physical force required to overcome it. I am glad i snapped out of my inertia and am working on something (anything!) now. It feels great to be DOING something for a change instead of hypothesizing and rambling on about it without any commitment.


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