Google Store?

Here’s a piece of news about Google opening a brick-and-mortar “store-front” in Heathrow Airport. The project is called Google Space.

Free internet is available at this airport lounge/ hangout, mostlikely going to be useful for the millions that get stranded there. According to the report above, Brits spend nine hours a year “waiting at airports, looking for things to do,” Sounds like the perfect audience to pitch almost any product to for any advertiser around the world. Google Space’s objective is to enhance international expansion of Google-related services to the physical world, the mainstream laggards that are not diving with blind abandon to the virtual wonders of our magical Internet realm. Hence, 10 laptops with focuses on different Google services, such as Maps, Picasa, etc.. aim to speed up the world’s adoption of Google into their daily lifestyles.

I managed to find a picture of the lounge. The design’s not very space-age as my mind-eye imagined it to be.

This next picture below is better though, nice customer service provided by nice blondes. More my cup o’ tea, if you ask me eh.

I didn;t go to Heathrow, and these pictures are courtesy of this site.


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