Watch this Company Change the World

Well, at least for photos.

First, lets start by asking how you take photos. Analogue or digital?

Second, how many hundreds/ thousands/ gazillions pictures do you have throughout your life so far ? PRetty damn much, if you answer “digital” to the first question.

Now, lets say you want to look for this photo you remember you took before, could be an ex-boy/girlfriend, family member, friend, (maybe in future?) that picture of Eiffel Tower, a childhood photo… How are you going to search for that?

Enter Riya, an image search engine based on facial and text-recognition technology. Google is rumored to be thinking of buying them, and Riya has not even publicly launced yet! They are still in Alpha phase…

By the way, Riya is named after one of the kids in the photo. According to what I heard at the TechCrunch party, that seems to be the daughter of the VP of Engineering.

I have a gut feeling that if Google does this deal, Riya may just turn out to revolutionize image search the same way the Keyhole’s satellite photos did to direction-finding and online maps.

Google $500 anyone? 😉


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