Internet Usage and Traffic Stats

Internet users

Region % of world users
Asia 33.9
Europe 29.4
North America 23.2
Latin America/Caribbean 7.5
Africa 2.5
Oceania/Australia 1.8
Middle East 1.6
DId Tim Berners Lee even dream about this? I do, when i create my Internet media empire. 🙂

Top Internet user countries

Country Number of users % of world users
US 202.9m 21.6
China 103.0m 11.0
Japan 78.0m 8.3
Germany 47.1m 5.0
India 39.2m 4.2
Britain 35.8m 3.8
South Korea 31.6m 3.4
Italy 28.6m 3.0
France 25.6m 2.7
Brazil 22.3m 2.4


have you wondered about the most popular sites out on the Internet? Here’s a Top 10 list taken off this wonderful site.

1. Yahoo!

2. Microsoft Network (MSN)

3. Google

4. EBay


6. Microsoft Corporation



9. Google UK

10. AOL

Here’s a link to the top blogs on the WWW.


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