Today from Bjorn

The New Corvette

An American goes to China. This is one of the popular blogs out there on the Net. He just went to CHina, i believe. Would be interesting to see what he thinks of the Middle Kingdom from his American perspective.
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The New Blackberry

One of my fave topics: how Internet is increasingly getting customized and individualized by Internet users around the world. This happens to also the the primary premise why the cliched Web2.0 trend is fuelling a revival of Silicon Valley geeks in launching new enterprises, some trivial, some world-beating.
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E Commerce Boom in China

There’s big money going on the online gaming world. SOme dude paid $100,000 for a virtual space station on the game Project Entropia – a string of binary code, literally. He’s going to convert it into a Jurassic Park-cum disco after buying this piece of virtual (sic: real) estate. Virtual economies are going to be my next fave topic of interest. What particularly intrigues me is the possible revenue-generating opportunities from this seemingly obsentatious purchase.
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Here’s more on the virtual economy thriving in the online gaming world.

Another sign of the times, blogging takes hold in senior citizenry.

Skype, in my opinion, will disrupt the telecomm companies in no way any other industry has seen upheaval. Here’s a peek into how this revolution is already taking place. You just have to wonder, how will the lives of generations after us differ from us, or even during the 1980s?
The VOIP Wave

Here’s Round 2 of Microsoft vs Google, (after Round 1 of Lee Kai Fu)
Yahoo Gives Up on Race for AOL

IS Amazon making the right decisions?

Microsoft Web 2.0 Charge – A Rallying Call for Arms by the New Lieutenant

After San Francisco, Its Free Wifi for Mountain View now from Google

Here’s one of the online music services I like-Pandora. They have this Music Genome Project where they analyze the similarities in terms of music style between the million songs on the planet. Used to only allow a fixed trial period but now a free version is available. Yet to check it out, but will do so soon.
Free Personalized Radio Station —


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