Impulse to Blog

Just wanted to blog at this very moment. Something that suddenly made a lot of sense to what i am doing now.

What makes a successful entrepreneur:

1. CLEAR VISION of where the company is going.
2. PASSION and genuine desire to create amazing products/ services.
3. MAKE DIFFERENCE –> A strong personal conviction that one’s product/ service will so so in the customers’ lives.

I actually got the above 3 points off Evan Williams’ blog . Naveen had been the original content creator. Trying to attribute this to the right person in an attemot to respect copyright laws, ahhaa..

Anubhav shared this with me yesterday from his own personal experience.

My main learnings from them were:
(1) Make sure your dynamic in the people is AWSOME
(2) Talk to the End-Users and confirm viability of your plan.

These are common sense, but these were my prime mistakes in my first attempt.

All this sounds regurgitative from what i had read and read on all mgmt books everywhere. But they make a lot of sense suddenly.


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