Drugged and unconscious for 17 hours

Writing this after i lost almost a day of my life. Don;t be alarmed by my title, i was not on drugs, not the illegal kind. I have a bloody &^$@! cold, and some crap i bought from Safeway just conked me out since last night. Just for future reference, it is NyQuil from Vicks, makes you helluva drowsy. I took 6 pills over the past 18hours and hell, its really takes effect fast, within 15 minutes of taking, i was totally out! This must be the longest i have slept for years, 15 hours straight!

At least, people, you know what pills to buy next time you want a good nap.

Anyway, i did not go to work today, big deal you say, but that got me thinking on something i read the other day. Some guy actually stopped working and concentrated fulltime on blogging and depending on his content to generate readers that will fuel his financial freedom. Possible? I say, this is another manifestation of Web 2.0 IS it really possible to generate enough money to sustain yourself just by being yourself and propagating your thought to the WorldWideWeb?? Well, Google AdSense made that possible, a blogger just has to put up ads on his site, visitors to the site click on them and voila! multiply that thousands, millions of time and u have it –> your monthly allowance to pay for your broadband, meals, gas and more.

The question is, how does Google make this an honest business for their advertisers? WHere is the line drawn, in their Google search infrastructural farm, that determines honest visitors clicking on ads they really want, and malicious bloggers who are looking for social welfare handouts from the larget and currently most successful tech company in the world?

I do not know the answer, they (i mean all the major search engines) must be working on this problem. Click fraud is a menace to their bottomline, and the trick is to really distinguish between the commercial big-time frauders and those amateur, your-daily-Joe-or-Jane blogger who just doesn;t want to work.

Pretty interesting paragraph i typed there (despite being sick and drugged), i did not think of that beforehand, the thought just came as i was typing. Maybe typing is now beginning to stimulate my brainwaves, hahaha.. Or Vicks NyQuil actually boosts grey matter??

Here’s the blog of the guy who does it for a living, there must be many more like him..



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  1. very nice blog!mary

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