Microsoft — Limping and hobbling

This is not new news, but it seems Google’s really pissing off someone by being a good search engine and serving the world’s information needs exceedingly well. Check out the guy’s face above. Mind you,thats not a happy one if you know whose face that is.


Here’s another pic in case you have seen too many people recently and can;t read faces well. Click on the image if you still do not know who this dude is. I wouldn;t want to cross his path if I were CEO Google. There’a reason Microsoft’s stock has not climbed above $30 for more than a couple of years and it has something to do with corporate stagnation, not being clairvoyant enough about the trend on the web and computer users’ wants, needs and desires.

The “Search Engine Wars” have returned. Does anyone still remember the days when YAhoo, Altavista, Lycos ruled the internet bandwidths anymore? Those days were gone, pretenders crumbled, some of these sites exist as phantoms now, just another line of words being googled by the usurper to the throne of Search. Its not only about search anymore but everything from blogs, instant messaging (IM), email, photo-sharing, music, video, anything people could possibly do on the internet or their desktop/ laptop/ TREO/ iPaQ/ BlackBerry/ RaspBerry/ BlueBerry… IF you are able to make enough people come to your blog, you make big bucks, simple as that.. You can quit your job and essentially earn money off Google’s advertising programs that pays sites that host their ads and have enough pple (or bots for that matter but click fraud is another issue altogether) clicking on them.

I am a MSN user, despite my rather ironic post, i still prefer that svc above others, well i have no choice, all my friends use that svc and it is pretty darn good, but check out the pic below. Some new feature (near the bottom of the pic) those guys in Redmond, WA added on the IM client really began to grate on my nerves.

MSN Desperate

P.S. its the search button next to the “send” button. Seems like an act of desperation, are they working on including a “Search” button on our keyboards too?


One thought on “Microsoft — Limping and hobbling

  1. Hey wassup yo big fan of Google. Have fun blogging~!

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