My Green Day Wkend

yes, losing momentum here on my blogging habits.. was intending to do some awesome blogging on my weekend but dilly-dallied for quite a while as i contemplated the best way to pen down my thoughts. Darn! its tough to blog well as well, i wonder how others manage to keep up such detailed blogs..

Just wasted 30 minutes writing a comprehensive blog entry and lost it all due to some “log-in failure”. ^%#*&!@!

Its Love Parade in SF this weekend. Love PArade is basically a celebration of love, freedom and techno/ trance. It had its roote from the Berlin Love Parade. Held in Civiv Centre of SF, i got there late at 6pm. Here’s some pics.


And here’s the Spundae float.. Tis is the same Spundae for which I attended the Love Parade after-party later in the night.


And here’s the Pink Mammoth float.

Talking about coincidences, i met up with my ex-colleagues from Bitmicro at the Love Parade too — Martin, Aileen, Alex. I thought these coincidences only happen in tiny countries in Sigapore but it goes to show the popularity of Love Parade. Yes, the organizers predicted abt 30,000 people showed up for this event. It is (if ou believe the parade’s marketers) one of the world’s biggest parties, and no American party is complete without lots of booze, music, dance, girls flashing and in SF (gays flouting their freedom).

Here’s to the main event of my night — the Green DAyyy concert.


I had to go on a mad rush from SF to SBC Park where the concert was held, battling the chronic lack of cabs in SF during the peak hour time of 7pm. By the time i got to SBC park at 745, i was already 45 minutes late but thankfully, Jimmy Eat world 9the opening act) was still crooning away so i didn’t miss anything at all and coudl still hv time to grab my compulsory doses of beer.

I had bought a ticket for staning space in the field. I was in the second layer of space, about 20 feet from the stage, if i fought my way to the front of the barricades, and that was what i did, charging my way with streams of other pple trying to get the best space in the house. Green Day had a large fanbase out here and it seems the Californians had turned out in full force to celebrate the return of their native sons (Green Day was from the Easy Bay).

Like a band befitting their repuatation and status in the music world right now, Green Day only started their gig at 830pm, and fuck, they absoutely rocked the house. The music was good, Billie Joe had a generous amount of showmanship as he worked the crowd into a frenzy. At one time, he even hand-picked certain audience members from the crowd to come on stage and take over each member of the band as he sought to create a historical first by creating a band during his concert. Compared to my previous concert i attended (which was the Dave MAtthews Band), this one was worth every cent of my 57 bucks in terms of entertainment and atmosphere. Alcohol and drugs always co-operated well to create enough crazy pple, free without inhibitions, and there was a whole lot of screaming, hollering, and rabid dancing during the many climaxes of the concert. It was truly helluva experience to see the bodysurfing that goes on at these concerts and i am abolutely a convert now to the punk rock genre.

The third leg of my seemingly never-ending night was to go to the Spundae Love Parade after-party. Thanks to Justin;s friend, May who worked as a promoter for Spundae, he had a guest list pass which used to my advantage to get in free to the party by confusing this easy-going, but blur, lady wo manned the guest list entries. It pays to be a Chinese sometimes, since Americans have no idea how your names are constucted and why Lee can be Li and Justin can be my name too although none of it appears on my California driving license. Haha, i saved myself 50 bucks there by not paying for the normal ticket.

THe after-party was held in 3 cavernous halls in the concert theater. Markus Schulz and God of Trance Himself _ Ferry Corsten was there to preside over the event. You won;lt be able to belive the amount, or lack thereof of policing at this event as it resembled more of a junkie;s paradise at time with the multitudes of stoned people. These, i say ARE THE REAL PARTIES! HAHHA…


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