Sex is a Big Deal .. in the workplace!

How interesting could it be to learn about sex @ work?

Well, its not really sex, but sexual harassment, so all you perverts there could click on “next blog” upstairs if this is getting boring. My company had a sexual harassment training course today. It was meant to educate us on the new rules governing this law in US. Frankly, it was a bore. I can;t believe someone doing this in SIngapore but apparently, it really is a big deal in US.

Some lessons i learnt from the Big Bore-Fest:

– the laws are really a bunch of common-sense. You don;t cross the line between humor and bad taste/ off-color comments.
– Oh, something as trivial as commenting on someone’s new dress or shirt could get you in trouble. This is, if such comments are suggestive or the pther person is a prude.
– Be safe when commenting, treat ALL your colleagues, (this sounds ridiculous) as genderless creatures.
– Californian laws are very friendly to cross-dressers, homosexuals and those with dubious or confused sexual orientation, explaining the point above.
– there are 2 categories – sexual harassment and sexual discrimination
– apparently, excessive abuse, even if not of a sexual nature can amount to some form of sexual harassment due to the fact that it contributes to a hostile work environment.
– there are alot of gray areas. sexual harassment laws are apparently the field of dreams for budding lawyer-bloodsuckers out to make fast and big bucks.
– AND CHECK this out. There’s this true factual tale about a new MALE hire in a company that showed up on his first day at work in full female-attire regalia. Heels, dress and the works… Obviously, this sounded like harassment to me, of the visual kind. Who wants someone dressed that wrongly strutting around the office? And you haven;t heard the best part, this new guy was employed as a … LAWYER.


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