Bjorn’s Pensieve (Alpha)

Finally got to my first post, my first blog. I like to think of it as my own Pensieve (one there for all you closet Harry Potter fans out there)

This is not gonna be one of those &^%$* blogs where you expect outpourings of angst-filled emotions, fluffy musings of romance, cute pictures posted by adults refusing to snap out of their adolescence. It will be my personal opinion on all things relevant in this world fit for my comments. Well, at least those fit for my comments considering my academic and experiential knowledge. I shall not seek to impose my opinions on people as you should be intelligent enough to discern right from wrong, black from white and learn to navigate the grey world we live in. Yes, I am anti-Bushism as well. And may i let it be known that anyone who appoints their cosy, familair acquaintances/ friends/ fat-cat donor friends to positions of power and influence over common folk, be no better than the scum that besieges my bathroom floor.

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I should get a lawyer friend one day to write a legal disclaimer some day and post it on this site, so no agenda-driven fool try to sue me for my comments. I refer to the War on Blogging recently waged by my home country, borne out of the government’s concern on racial sensitivities rupturing the social fabric of Singapore.

The intention is good, no doubt, but in view of the fact that Singapore’s culture has been — that of a general public been mollycoddled by a patriarchical, top-down ruling class whose word has historically been interpreted as law, the recent clampdown on online race-sensitive blogs does not bode well for Singaporean bloggers. One perspective is that civil liberties and free speech have taken a direct hit after the public put-down by the Prime Minister, that the government desires to exert influence over the New Media on the blogosphere as well. I agree to a certain extent with that. It is culturally difficult for Singaporeans to defy the word of their patriarchical government, there is a mental block that limits the distance Singaporeans will go in criticizing the policies of their government.

The Singapore government may have recognized the importance in liberalizing the views of the public and incorporating their opinions into policy-making in recent years, especially through their main vehicle — the “Remaking Singapore” initiative. This initiative was hailed, by many quarters, as the end of “Nuclear Winter” of free speech in Singapore, as a new government sought to co-operate together with their people to draft a national blueprint for the small nation in the new era of globalization and technology. Sadly, globalized Singapore may be, technology-friendly we are not if the “Race-Blog” issue becomes a festering thorn in the government’s policy towards free speech on the Internet. I am not against the decision to condemn racially-insensitive elements of hatred, but the draconian laws and punishment meted out to the culprits reek of unfairness and extremism considering the young ages of the offenders (one was 17 years). If we censure politically incorrectness on the Internet so flagrantly and harshly, we send a very negative message out to the outside world – one of intolerance.

On a separate note, its amazing how my boss, Sia, dishes out gems of wisdom even when he is down with flu.

The role of management is to manage people.

The role of employees is to manage the business.

Do not micro-manage. Give people the infrastructure and let them loose with the resources to manage within their personal scope of abilities.


6 thoughts on “Bjorn’s Pensieve (Alpha)

  1. Another one bites the dust eh?Blog for yourself and not for others.That should take care of whatever you’ve mentioned in the opening.

    As far as the govermnent clamping down on racist blogs or “free speech”.I personally don’t think Singapore cannot get out of it.Its a small country and if you overlook my overtly pessimisstic view of the world,you would realise that that has been the case with Singapore all along.Reminds me of the time when the Sports Sec of some hall in NTU got a non-hall guy to play in the IHG.Dang..the papers were reporting this sort of a thing..and the common emotion among the people was that his act has tainted the image of Singapore.Still remember the arguements on FunkyGrad.

    Its ridiculous but when you’re small,these things make a difference. Whats happening with the blogger dude is not surprising.On one hand,you have a group of ppl who criticize the government for not doing anything and on the other hand there are ppl who criticize them for what they are.

    A change in the mindset is happening.Just gotta give it a little time.

  2. what are u and jarrold doing with new blogs?

  3. Jimmie, its my repository of opinions that i want to communicate to the world. Embrace the new web. I want to see what the web can give me back after I have confided my personal convictions and aspirations to it.

  4. So…Mr C C Lee finally gave in eh? Interesting. Proud of you.

  5. BjornLee said…
    Jimmie, its my repository of opinions that i want to communicate to the world. Embrace the new web. I want to see what the web can give me back after I have confided my personal convictions and aspirations to it.

    WAH RAO… no need such detailed answers. I not asking for essay…so serious!

  6. hey jimmie, i wrote my prev post by plagiarizing your blog, who’s the serious one? hahahah…–>

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